Michael Pearson

Adventures in books and the world
Nonfiction (travel)
"Pearson is a most companionable guide to take us worlds away." --Arthur Saltzman, author of Nearer: Essays
Shohola Falls is a fever dream of a novel that brilliantly weaves past and present, fact and imagination to describe a young man’s quest for himself”
--Tom Kelly, author of Payback
“Achingly American, a bittersweet elegy that echoes Thomas Wolfe and Jack Kerouac”
--Mike D’Orso, author of Like Judgment Day
“A wild travelogue told by a scholarly tour guide”
--The New Orleans Times Picayune
“A fascinating report on America”
--The Columbia S. C. State



Recent and Upcoming

March 6-9, 2013
Associated Writings Program, Boston. MA

April 4, 2013
College English Association, Savannah, GA

June 3-17, 2013
Study Abroad in Creative Writing
Dublin, Ireland